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Focalized-IP is a leading provider of domestic integrated security systems. We stay at the forefront of developments in the security industry to ensure we deliver high quality, cost effective solutions that are tailored to our clients’ individual business needs.


As we are brand independent, we will only ever advise on the very best systems and equipment to match your needs.

Our wireless Smart Alarm systems are effective deterrents to burglars, and offer 24/7 protection to help you avoid the emotional trauma of being a victim.

Focalized-IP offers Smart Access, the high-security alternative to the traditional lock and key. Our Smart Access will help keep your home and family safe, giving you peace of mind 24/7, and access control security is just one of the services we can offer, following a free home survey.

SMART CCTV provides the ultimate peace of mind round the clock monitoring and surveillance, but at the same time, can automatically detect, track and analyse movements of people and objects.

Focalized-iP specialise in state-of-the-art disciplines covering CCTV, Access Control and Intruder alarm systems, All of which can be controlled from your mobile device. Our knowledge and experience means we can offer the ultimate in protection

We offer three types of smart lights that come in different shapes, sizes and models. Smart Lighting will make your home smarter, more comfortable and energy efficient.

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