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We can help you protect your property by controlling access

Focalized-iP offers Smart Access, the high-security alternative to the traditional lock and key. Our Smart Access will help keep your home and family safe, giving you peace of mind 24/7, and access control security is just one of the services we can offer, following a free home survey.

What is Smart Access?

Smart Access is a door-entry system that uses electronic tokens instead of keys. Doors with Smart Access lock automatically, and only open when tokens with the right permissions are scanned over the reader.

If your not at home and want the ability to grant access to your home remotely, then this can be done via your mobile device.

Benefits of access control security

Smart Access offer a number of advantages over standard door security:

  • Access tokens (‘keys’) can be remotely deactivated, so there’s no need to replace your locks if one is lost or stolen.
  • Electronic tokens make accessing your home quicker and easier.
  • The locks are vandal-resistant and tougher than standard locks.
  • Doors automatically lock when closed.
  • Remotel open your door from your mobile device.

Smart Access is simple to use, similarly to many the access card system found in many modern hotel rooms. Focalized-iP will also be on hand for future maintenance.

Why choose Focalized-iP?

Our expert engineers can tailor your Smart Access solution to your exact needs, with audio, video and automatic control options available. And don’t forget that we offer Smart Alarms, Smart Lighting and Smart CCTV that can also help keep intruders at bay.

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