Smart Alarms

The peace of mind of home security

Crime is a fact of life, and at Focalized-IP we know the true cost of burglary is not just what they take, it’s what they leave behind. Our alarm systems are effective deterrents to burglars, and offer 24/7 protection to help you avoid the emotional trauma of being a victim.

From Focalized-IP wireless Smart Alarm systems complete with lifesaving smoke and poisonous gas detection, to our intelligent Focalized-IP Smart Home security and home automation solution, choose one of our Smart Home security systems and get the best protection for what you hold dear.

Technology you can trust

Choose an Focalized-IP wireless burglar alarm and you’re choosing protection that features the very latest security technology – because only the best is good enough when you’re securing what matters most to you.

Control at your fingertips

It’s easy to manage your burglar alarm through a stylish, simple to use touchscreen keypad. Using large icons and a clear layout, it takes just seconds to carry out tasks like activating and disarming your system or setting up emergency, fire and panic alarms.

One size doesn’t fit all

We’ll never sell you a standard off-the-shelf alarm package. Your property and security requirements are unique to you, and that’s why at Focalized-iP our burglar alarms are designed to best suit your personal needs.

Keep your security in the right hands

Your system can be set and unset using a smart key fob. If your fob goes missing, you can simply delete it from your system – in case it falls into the wrong hands – and replace it.

Why choose Focalized-IP?

Our expert engineers can tailor your Smart Alarm solution to your exact needs, with audio, video and automatic control options available. And don’t forget that we offer Smart Access, Smart Lighting and Smart CCTV that can also help keep intruders at bay.

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