Smart CCTV

The peace of mind of home security

Crime is a fact of life, and at Focalized-iP we know the true cost of burglary is not just what they take, it’s what they leave behind. Our CCTV systems are effective deterrents to burglars, and offer 24/7 protection to help you avoid the emotional trauma of being a victim.

Cameras that know when it’s day and when it’s night

Our home security cameras automatically switch between day and night modes so you can be sure they’re always getting a good view of any intruders.

Record up to 31 days of constant footage

Even when you’re away from home – such as on holiday – your Smart CCTV system is still active and recording in the background. There’s space to record a month of footage, and when set to motion-activated mode, you can store even more.

Have eyes everywhere

Our systems can combine from 1 to unlimited high resolution home security cameras, so you can keep an eye on every corner of your property at the same time.

While on the move

Be notified of activity in or around your home while on the move! From anywhere in the world! Using the mobile device app.

Maintain and Service

We don’t just take care of your Smart CCTV installation, we maintain it too. If one of our Smart CCTV systems goes down, we will get it back working as soon as possible.

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